There are no Caucasian Hebrews; Israelites are all Black

November 25, 2016 - Hebrews


This article is the third part in our series on the not so lost tribes of Israel. In the first two parts we looked at the events that took place in Asssyria about 722 BC with the ten tribes of Israel as described in 2 Esdras 13:40-46. We also looked at two possible routes that the tribes could have taken and where the region Arsareth could possibly be.

Europeans created confusion

State of Israel is a Caucasian nation

I am certain some of our readers would perhaps be wondering how impossible it is for the Israelites to be in Africa. You have been told that he sons of Jacob are already back in Israel after a few centuries in Europe. The state of Israel was born on 14th May, 1948 just as the prophet Isaiah foretold (Isaiah 66:8). What other Hebrew Israelites or Jews are we talking about?

How can there be Jews in Africa? Are they not all Hamites down there? Jesus was a white handsome blue-eyed blonde Aryan; just like the rest of the Hebrew tribes. Blacks are cursed, but the Jews are blessed and chosen by God.

You are not alone in this thought, I also thought this way for many years. I was excited to hear from Israelis, looked for opportunities to bless them and prayed for them quite often.

I met a number of really good Jews and have some of them as close friends. But in my heart, I felt that something was really wrong. I read the news reports and saw the broadcasts on the screen year after year. Like most Christians do, I just dismissed the reported atrocities as the raging of the heathen against God’s elect. I thought the Gentiles were just jealous that God had chosen someone else and not their own (I still haven’t ruled that out though).

Appearances can be deceptive

I would see advertisements that encouraged Christians to give to support the relocation of new immigrants into the Holy Land and I would long to send my five loaves and two fishes (Matthew 14:17). But something in me always held me back. I began to see things that were inconsistent with what I thought the Hebrew Israelites were supposed to be like; the aggression, the arrogance and the hate. Without a doubt, there are lots of genuinely good Jews all over the world, the country just happened to be run by the worst among them.

I decided to look more into what the Bible had to say about Israel and the Hebrews and got a whole lot of surprises. I studied several Bible passages and even watched countless Youtube videos on the topic.

As part of these series therefore, I wish to prove using scriptures that the Hebrews were all black and there was not a single white skinned tribe among the people. I know some people might argue that the bible does not say a lot about skin color and racial differences. The Bible in my opinion says enough about the subject.

Europeans used race to justify slavery of Hebrews

Racial diversity was not really an issue until the Europeans needed to propagate the enslavement of an entire race of black people and justify it in the face of the scriptures.

With the aid of old maps and some history, I am concluding that the Europeans knew very well that they were enslaving the children of Israel during the transatlantic slave trade. To hide this fact, they kept changing and re-changing the names of places and people thereby creating confusion. I find it Ironic that even though the Europeans occupied the Middle East and Africa, they frequently changed only the names of people and places in sub-Saharan Africa.

The result? People of Middle Eastern heritage can identify themselves in scriptures. But sub Saharan black Africans do not even know if they are from Phut or Cush. Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia still go by the same names. Assyria, Persia and Lebanon are still known as Syria, Persia (Iran) and Lebanon today. Even Babylon is still recognizable as Iraq with many of its cities still retaining their original names.

Sub-Sahara African tribes have lost their historical identity

But in Sub Saharan Africa, the names are changed so many times that most tribes do not even know what they were called just 300 years ago. It’s almost like they never existed before the 18th century. To make up for this vacuum, the Western Churches have grouped sub Saharan Africans under the genealogy of Ham and taught them to see themselves as such.

This article is aimed at identifying the discrepancies in the Hamitic doctrine and to encourage all people of color to do their own studies. Let all be like the Berean Christians who did not just accept the doctrine of the apostles, but examined all things in the scriptures to see if what they were taught was really true (Acts 17:11).

Egypt (Kemet) was a black race of people

To start off, I will point out that the Bible identifies Egypt (Mizraim) as the land of Ham (Genesis 10:6). We have probably come across numerous articles that describe Ham as black based on the meaning of his name. We can go further and look into history to study hieroglyphs and sculptures on the tombs of the ancient Egyptians.

The ancient Egyptians saw and painted themselves as black; and the Roman historians agreed with them. Even the first century Jewish historian Josephus described the Egyptians as a dark race. I will encourage readers who are still in doubt of this to study the topic themselves, I will not dwell much on the Egyptians in this post.

Having established this baseline concept, we can now look at several biblical accounts to see what the Bible had to say about the Hebrews appearance.

Hebrew Israelite tribes were all black people

Moses and the Levites

And the child grew, and she brought him unto Pharaoh’s daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moses and she said, Because I drew him out of the water. – Exodus 2:10

This is a story we are without doubt very familiar with, it is taught in every Sunday school program and is the subject of numerous movie productions.

Pharaoh had decreed that the children of the Hebrews should be killed at birth as a means of population control. Moses’s parents however hid him at the river’s bank while his sister Miriam kept watch.

Pharaoh’s daughter came for her bath in the river and discovered the child who was consequently handed to his parents to nurse until he was old enough to be handed back to Pharaoh’s daughter. The passage above now states that Pharaoh’s daughter took him in as her son making Moses a prince of Egypt.

Birds of the same feather flock together

I don’t know about you, but I find this fascinating. How could she have pulled off this con? Even in today’s modern world, it is still a formidable feat.

Imagine this scenario: Pharaoh declares a celebration over a war victory and he invites his sons and daughters along with their children to attend. When they are gathered, being all Egyptian, they are black as coal.

Suddenly, this white boy appears before Pharaoh and declares to be his grandson and third in line to the throne of Egypt. Naturally, Pharaoh will ask for his parent to determine this great wonder.

Unless Pharaoh had very rare black and white color blindness, this would not fool him. With such a disorder, whenever he looked at this white kid, all he would see was the black in him. Or perhaps when he sat down with the lad he would reassure him that he did not see any color but only saw his daughter’s image in him.

Pharaoh of Egypt was not stupid

By now you should have figured the satire in the above few sentences, we all know that Pharaoh would have probably executed both his daughter and the lad if he sensed that the child was a bastard brought into his house.

So, why didn’t he know? Why couldn’t he tell the difference? Why was the story narrated by Pharaoh’s daughter to him so believable? Of course he is not going to believe a word his daughter says, unless the child looked as black as the other princes.

The Levites and Moses were black people

Moses must therefore have been a black brother. That is the only way he could have been passed off as a prince, son of a black princess, cousin to a black prince and grandson to a black Pharaoh. This is further confirmed when Moses escapes Egypt to Midian where he meets Zipporah. The Midianite Shepherds drove Zipporah and her sisters away from the watering well and Moses came to help them. The ladies recounted the incident to their father describing Moses in a particular manner.

And they said, An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock. – Exodus 2:19

They assumed just by looking at him that Moses was an Egyptian. Note that they did not say that he was dressed like an Egyptian, they were convinced that he was one. If He had been white skinned, they would obviously not have believed him even if he said so.

There are no white skinned Hebrews

Moses could not have looked like this, he was negroid

Since Exodus 2:1 makes it clear that Moses was a man of Levi, then the tribe of Levi must have been a black skinned tribe just like Moses. If they were not, the Bible would perhaps have indicated that Moses was different from the rest of the people (like Mephibosheth in 2 Samuel 9:3)

Other sons of Jacob

Joseph, Manasseth and Ephraim

Many years after Joseph had been in Egypt, his brothers could no longer recognize him when they saw him. I do not think that was because there were a lot of white skinned people in Egypt, rather, I think it is because he looked exactly like any Egyptian prince should – he was black. He also married a black Egyptian princess, so his two children Manasseh and Ephraim were black as well.

Now let us look at the other tribes of Israel.


Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up. – Jeremiah 14:2

This passage is describing the people of Judah during one of the droughts that afflicted their kingdom. The blackness being described here is talking about the enhanced darker skin tone that people of color acquire in a state of suffering. It is not claiming that they became so dirty as to turn black as some suggest. This is also confirmed in the book of Lamentation.

Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine. – Lamentation 5:10

We all know that people’s racial identity does not change due to hunger. This passage is therefore confirming the darkening of the colored skin in suffering. See also Lamentation 4:2-8.

From these passages, we can see that the people of the tribe of Judah were also black skinned.

Reuben, Simeon, Issachar, Zebulun and Benjamin

If Judah and Levi were dark skinned, it would make sense that Reuben, Simeon, Issachar, Zebulun and Dinah would also be of the same race since they all came from the same parents (Genesis 29-30). This same rule would apply to Benjamin since he came from the same Parents as Joseph. This is confirmed by the prophet Jeremiah:

For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me. – Jeremiah 8:21

In Jeremiah 1:1 we learn that the prophet was the son of a priest in the land of Benjamin. We see a second confirmation in the life of the apostle Paul in the New Testament.

And as Paul was to be led into the castle, he said unto the chief captain, May I speak unto thee? Who said, Canst thou speak Greek? Art not thou that Egyptian, which before these days madest an uproar, and leddest out into the wilderness four thousand men that were murderers? – Acts 21:37-38

In this passage in Acts 21, if Paul was a Caucasian, the chief captain would probably have assumed that he was from Greece because he spoke Greek. Since he looked ‘different’, the captain was surprised that a dark skinned ‘Egyptian’ could understand Greek. Even though he was an Israelite, he looked like an Egyptian.

I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. – Romans 11:1

Paul was not an Egyptian, he only looked like one. He was from the tribe of Benjamin.

Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher

Jacob had four other sons from the two concubines (Zilpah and Bilhah) that he got from his wives Leah and Rachel. We do not know where these handmaids came from, so I cannot use them as reference to the skin tone of their sons Dan, Naphtali, Gad or Asher.

We can however confirm that if the other sons were dark skinned, it is safe to conclude that this was because their father Jacob was dark skinned. And if Jacob was black, then none of these four remaining sons could possibly be Caucasian.

Interesting facts about black skinned Israelites

Black skinned 10 tribes would not have become ‘lost’ among pale skinned Europeans

Based on the analysis above, the only race the children of Israel could possibly be was black. Consequently, if the 10 tribes had left Assyria and gone into the heathen nations North of Assyria, they would not be lost tribes. They would have stood out among the white skinned people of that region like coal on a whiteboard, or lit up like cats eyes in the dark.

The only region they could have gone would be south westwards into the land of Ham where they would be indistinguishable from the Hamitic tribes.

A thought on leprosy

Having said all this, there is, one recurring theme all over the Bible. It is the use of leprosy as a tool of punishment to the children of Israel.

And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous. Numbers 12:10

Whenever, leprosy afflicts an Israelite, they turn white as snow. To turn white, you must first be colored, you had to have significant levels of melanin. Losing the melanin is what makes you turn white. If a Caucasian has leprosy, the skin discoloration stage will be unnoticeable because the skin is already white. However, a black person can go all the way from being black to being white – everyone notices (2 Kings 5:27). Note that the biblical leprosy is not the m. leprae causing disease that is called leprosy today.

On a final note, why does the Bible not really address the issue of race directly? No direct correlation is seen with skin color, with a few exceptions such as in Antioch were skin color is inferred.

Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger……. – Acts 13:1

We know that Niger means black, so why does the Bible call Simeon black if all the apostles were black to begin with?

Some are blacker than others

I was once sitting in a bus chatting with the driver who happened to be Caucasian. In response to my claim that I could tell which parts of Africa different black people came from without having to ask them, he asked me how. I gave him a simple answer; – ‘some are blacker than others’.

For those who are familiar with black communities, it is not uncommon to find individuals who are nicknamed blacky, black, darky and other similar names. Those individuals are significantly darker than the rest of the community hence the name. I believe this is the very reason Simeon was nicknamed Niger.

I think the Bible’s relative silence on skin color is primarily because the law was given to a specific people, a homogeneous group, a people of color. Everyone in the nation was the same, so there was no need to differentiate between black or white people.

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8 thoughts on “There are no Caucasian Hebrews; Israelites are all Black


Exactly! Those Israelite camps claiming Hispanics/ Latinos and natve Americans are Israelites is false! In order to make these false claims, they MUST IGNORE the Commandments given in Deut 23:2-8. Additionally, I keep asking, IF Hispanics are Israelites, then WHO are the 33+ million black skinned people scattered throughout Mexico, Central and South America including Brazil who arrived in these countries as a result of the Trans Atlantic Slave trade?


    Thanks for your comment, DNA analysis has also shown that Hispanics are primarily European in origin. I have seen some articles that say that the original black Native Americans have Hebraic culture. I do not know how true that is, but they have so many features that suggests they are not Israelites but Hamites. Most Native Americans today are quite pale however. Isaiah 29:22 indicates that Jacob will never turn pale (white). You are right about Mexico, I believe the dark skinned descendants of the transatlantic slave trade are Israelites.


Black Jews lived in Ethiopia. Most now live in Israel. In Ancient times, it’s likely that Hebrews represented a range of skin tones and colors, just as the Egyptians did.


    Hi Carlos,

    I don’t quite agree with your comment. The Egyptians were originally dark skinned. They remained so until the time of Alexander the great who made race mixing a public policy to better govern. Since the Hebrews were always confused with Egyptians in scripture, that means they must have also been all dark skinned.

    If by Jews, you meant people living in Judea, then you could be right since there were people of all nations and skin tones who generally came to Jerusalem in those days. But the descendants of Abraham by blood were all dark skinned people.



To talk of “Egyptians” is not to talk of race, but geography. There have been many mummies exhumed which have red and fair hair, which tests have indicated was NOT caused by “oxidation” as some have wishfully fantasised about. What is also not mentioned in any of your articles that I have read so far, is the word “Arab”, drawn from the Hebrew root “ereb” which means “mixed”. Why would you ignore such a fundamental reality? The truth of the matter is that, just as happens today, migrations of the darker-skinned peoples moves towards the lands where lighter-skinned peoples dwell, inter-breeding and miscegenation occurs, and the “beigeing” of the world’s populace continues apace. There will have been times when the “Nubians” (another key word that you seem to rarely talk about) dominated parts of what became known as Egypt, and of course they left their own traces. But to build an inverted pyramid of assumption and presumption, based on these traces, and fabricate an entire “history” that ignores biblical etymology, to boot, is disingenuous at best.


    Hi Oceanwave,

    Thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment.

    Yes, I agree, I have not written articles on Nubians nor specifically on Arabs or the non-dark haired Egyptians. That’s because the identity of Nubians in scripture and now is not really a much debated topic. That of the true Israelites, Egyptians, Ashkenazi and Edom are, hence the interest in studying and writing about them.

    However, I do mention them. For example, I mentioned the light-haired Egyptians in:

    I also explained the ‘mixing’ in North Africans and Arabs (similar Y-DNA haplogroups) in the article:

    And an article on races and why we look different in:

    So, I am not avoiding any ‘fundamental reality’. Miscegenation has always occurred as light skinned people move to regions inhabited by dark skin people. History is full of examples: Australia, North and South Africa, and the Americas. Was it not Benjamin franklin who famously lamented the ‘swarthy’ skin of the aboriginal people of America? If it is dark-skinned people migrating to lands of lighter-skinned people, why is the Caucus (from where caucasian name came from) still almost exclusively ‘Caucasian’? The truth is light-skinned people have always invaded lands of dark-skinned people and have used race mixing as a means of conquest. That is the legacy of Alexander ‘the great’.
    Have you looked at Africa recently? The story of the New World is repeating itself there with European armies back to complete what the colonial years could not accomplish. Now there are better sunblocks, geoengineering to blot out the sun’s rays and malaria treatments to make the continent less lethal to Caucasians.

    As to the Nubians, their identity is not exactly hidden. Even among Africans today, they identify which tribes are Nubian. I have not written a main article on them, but then, I haven’t written on the Franks of Europe either. It doesn’t signify avoidance, rather prioritization of topics.

    If Nubians and Arabs are that interesting to you, why don’t you share your thoughts on them and we can discuss it from there. That’s a more ‘ingeniuos’ approach than using fancy words to discredit a writer.

    I hope I have answered your questions.


    Special Kaye

    So exactly what are you saying? that the children of Israel were caucasian really? Historically they have been and always be black


      Hello. That’s not what Judah said. This series of four articles clearly states he believes Hebrews are black, and that the lost tribes migrated to west Africa. In talking about the lighter skinned tribes invading the darker skinned tribes, he is NOT referring to the Hebrews invading the Africans. Rather, he is referring to the mixed Arabs that Oceanwave mentioned. The Arabs became mixed because of the fair skinned Caucasians and others invading them from the north. The black Hebrews were escaping from the mixed Arab Assyrians. They wanted to go far away from the gentiles and keep their religious purity and, by default, their racial purity.
      Thank you Judah for these great articles.
      Keep seeking truth,


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