Origin of Races; It’s not all black and white

June 18, 2017 - Genesis



This article is a study on the Genesis  account of the creation of man in the light of the various races in the world. The origin of races examines the role of several factors including melanin, pineal gland and Neanderthal genes in the determination of skin color. The mythology of giants is one that we are all familiar with. I present my thoughts on this in the context of the biblical nephilims. I will however state that some of the contents on the nephilim are my speculation. I will welcome any comments or communication from anyone who has definite data that proves my speculation wrong.

The question of origin of races is one that we have all asked ourselves at some time or another. It is a question that has been debated for centuries. The answers have eluded us and we consequently device theories to fill the void. Race wars have been a constant plague afflicting mankind throughout our existence. From the Greeks, the third Reich and our modern day origins of black lives matter movement. Different groups have claimed racial superiority at various times in history.

To justify the transatlantic slave trade, Caucasian Christians claimed that blacks were subhuman with the intelligence of apes. Adolf Hitler claimed Aryan racial superiority as a reason to exterminate a significant portion of Europe during World War 2. The British claimed racial superiority as a valid reason to subjugate and colonize the Chinese and Africa.

Why are we different?

Why are we so different? Why are people described as white, brown, black, red or yellow? To compound it all, the Bible doesn’t talk about race in terms of skin color, but primarily as bloodlines. Some individual names suggest their skin color. Ham was black (Genesis 5:32) and Esau was described as red all over (Genesis 25:25). No one in the Bible was ever described as white (unless later afflicted by leprosy) or yellow at birth. Leprosy was known to turn black/brown people to white. Interestingly, ancient biblical leprosy is now called vitiligo and the disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae is now called leprosy.

But what does the Bible say about skin color? What does the Apocrypha add to it? Let us start from the beginning, the formation of man from the dust.


And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. –Genesis 2:7


The earth is reddish brown

It is a globally known fact that the dust of the ground is reddish or dark brown, it is from this dust that man and all the beasts were made. It is this same ground that sustains all creatures and nourishes them. Agreed, there are many beautiful white sandy beaches around the world. However, nobody uses that to plant their garden or grow their crops on. I am also yet to find anyone who believes that God went to the beach just before he formed man from the sandy shores.

It makes sense therefore to consider that the original skin of man was reddish brown. I know some may quickly jump to conclusions here and call me a racist. Before you do so, please read the next subsections.

Human migration Patterns

It is worth noting that science claims that the original man was black/brown. According to scientific migration patterns, some people left Africa tens of thousands of years ago into Europe through Northeast Africa. With the occurrence of an ice age, a white skin was favored over a black one due to its ability to absorb more light. Consequently Europeans became white. But apparently, they were not so from the beginning. The ice age supposedly lasted several million years that appears to contradict biblical accounts of the earth’s age and human existence timeline.

The first ‘red’ skinned man in the Bible

The story of Jacob and Esau describes two brothers of speculatively different skin colors (Genesis 25). The passage does not mention Jacob’s skin color, but we do know that Esau was red (Genesis 25:25). Many have interpreted this red to mean the reddish white skin color of Caucasians. Some insist that it is the reddish brown color of the original natives of the Americas. Yet others claim that ‘reddish all over like a hairy garment‘ was merely referring to the reddish color of Esau’s excessively growing hair leading some to speculate that he was a ‘reddish’ Sasquatch. I can’t imagine two Canaanite and an Ishmaelite woman marrying the same Sasquatch. He would have had to be a very special Sasquatch.

The first fair skinned man

Genesis 7:8 Identifies a very righteous and special man — Noah. To really understand how special he was, we need to read the Book of Enoch (Enoch 105:1-5). It describes Noah as being whiter than snow and redder than rose. His hair also was white, long but wooly and he had bright colored eyes. These are all terms used often to describe albinos among dark skinned people. Albinos are white skinned with white hair and bright eyes because they lacked melanin. They were red from sun burns and generally still had wooly hair like their melanilated kin.

We do not however see this albino description of Noah in the 66 books of the Bible. He was so unusual, the first of his kind that his father was afraid and ran away at the sight of him. Lamech was worried that Noah was not human, because he did not look like any other man before him. He was worried because the child looked like an offspring of the fallen angels.

She became pregnant by him, and brought forth a child, the flesh of which was as white as snow, and red as a rose; the hair of whose head was white like wool, and long; and whose eyes were beautiful. When he opened them, he illuminated all the house, like the sun; the whole house abounded with light. And when he was taken from the hand of the midwife, opening also his mouth, he spoke to the Lord of righteousness. Then Lamech his father was afraid of him; and flying away came to his own father Mathusala, and said, I have begotten a son, unlike to other children. He is not human; but, RESEMBLING THE OFFSPRING of the ANGELS of heaven, is of a different nature from ours, being altogether UNLIKE TO US. – Enoch 105:2-3

The Ante-deluvan Nephilim were all white skinned

According to the book of Enoch chapter 105, the offspring (Nephilim) of the fallen angels were all white skinned with bright eyes (lacked melanin). Noah at birth was thought to be a Nephilim because he was not dark skinned and had bright eyes. However we should not jump to the conclusion that all Caucasians are nephilim. We know that Noah as well as Gehazi (and his offspring in 2 Kings 5:27) was white skinned.

But how do I know that Noah was albino and not a Caucasian? Well, science makes us to understand that a caucasian cannot have a black child, but a black man under certain conditions can have a light skinned child. If Noah was a caucasian, he could not have produced a black skin son called Ham even if his wife was black. Albinos regularly produce black skin children as Africans will easily attest.

There are numerous instances of colored parents producing an entirely white albino child. On the other hand, there’s usually some hanky panky involved when Caucasian parents produce a colored child.

It is very fascinating that legends and fairy tales about giants and ogres exist in practically every European culture. Interestingly, an African giant in mythology; Mbombo is also white skinned. (See list of giants in folklore (here).

The Canaanites were Caucasoid

We have all probably heard that the curse on Ham by his father Noah is the reason why black people were enslaved. Several things are wrong with this conclusion. First, Noah cursed Canaan and not Ham. The Book of Jasher and Book of Jubilees give a clearer picture of those events.

Secondly, the Canaanites were mostly, and still are predominantly Caucasians. Historically, the Amorites, Anakims and Hitites were all Caucasoid bloodlines. The encyclopedia Britannica describes the Amorites as tall white skinned blue eyed race of people. Several historians have described them as the Aryans who later became known as the vikings. They conquered a vast area that reached as far east as India and China. Even in biblical times, they were arguably the most powerful Canaanite tribe.

The caucasoid nature of these tribes would explain why there is a city called New Canaan in the new world, a great distance from Palestine. For the same reason, there are many people called Ai (Joshua 7-8), Chan, Canaan and Khan among the Caucasoid races today.

Here is an interesting video I found on the subject.

The enslavement of the African people might therefore be for other reasons than the curse on Canaan. There are some scholars who do suggest that the original Canaanites were dark skinned until their eventual replacement by Caucasians.

Based on the Biblical narrative, many of these Canaanite tribes were giants having the nephilim gene. Sumerian carvings and statues depict their kings/gods as gigantic six-fingered men. This in conjunction with the historically documented Caucasoid appearances of the Canaanites appear to support the Enoch 105 description of the nephilims.

Though we occasionally see ‘gigantic’ men (NBA? anyone) we rarely see people in the proportions of the biblical giants. Polydactyly (six digits on each limb) is often now surgically corrected at birth or early childhood.

The Nephilim gene survived through Japheth and Ham

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. – Genesis 6:4

The origin of giants after the flood has been contentious. I believe their location indicates their origins.

The Japhetic bloodline originally populated the Isles of the gentiles. There are numerous historical accounts of the Romans battling and defeating several nephilim tribes in gentile lands. In the course of conquering Europe, many of the nephilim hybrids were even conscripted into the Roman legions.

Historical and archeological evidences indicating the presence of many giants in the gentile regions suggests the existence of a nephilim bloodline within the Japhetic lineage. We also know from Biblical accounts that many Canaanite tribes (descendant of Ham) had the nephilim gene. The Egyptians who also descended from Ham are however not described as nephilims suggesting that this was a specific problem with Canaan, not Ham.

The nephilim gene must have therefore survived the flood through both Japheth and Ham bloodlines (probably through their wives). This might also explain why God chose Shem as His heritage. According to the Apocryphal book of Jasher 90:8-9, Edom/Esau (descendant of Shem) has now mixed his bloodline with that of Japheth as well as Canaan. Edom too therefore polluted his seed with the nephilim gene and became as Shem and Japheth. The Israelites descended from Jacob in contrast were prohibited from marrying Canaanites, but they married Egyptians (eg Joseph).

Racial mixing

Over the centuries, the bloodline of Esau (Edom) has intermarried extensively with Canaan and Japheth. According to accounts from the book of Jasher, Esau’s grandson became king of all that was known as Europe. It is one of the reasons why history is now silent on Edom. His bloodline is inseparable from that of European Japheth. We can also see the effect in the numerous giants who ruled as Emperors in Greece, Rome (including Maximus Thrax) and China.

How do i know there were giants in China? Take a look at the great wall. It is a massive overkill if that wall was built to keep out an army of men that were five and a half feet tall. The great wall of China was built to keep out an army of gigantic statures.

There are several accounts that claim that even Alexander the great of Macedonia was ‘quite larger’ than the average man.

Emperor Charlemagne was known to have two 10-feet tall bodyguards with him at all times. The giants in the folklores of all the Japhetic nations bear testament to the racial mixing and the nephilim gene through the ages.

By their fruits ye shall know them

Why is the suggestion that the Canaanites were caucasoid and not black as we have been taught even believable? Well, many of the Canaanite tribes had the nephilim gene and exhibited all the features associated with the condition. The gene gave them a new feature, a strange character that the creator had not given man. They loved the abominations that the most high hated. These abominations were taught to the whole world by the nephilim and their parents (the watchmen/fallen angels).

The nephilim were violent and skilled in the art of war. They went from place to place destroying humanity and draining the resources of the conquered regions. The apocryphal books note that the earth was gradually decimated by the nephilim until the resources became insufficient for them. They then feasted on raw flesh and drank the blood of their victims. Socially, they loved homosexuality and practiced bestiality. They oppressed the poor and always took advantage of the weak. Justice was grossly perverted and the rich were above the law. The book of Jubilees and Enoch describes the atrocities that they committed.

These same characteristics were evident in Sodom just before it was also destroyed. The book of Jubilees describes how the people of Sodom had several street orgies and carnivals every year. At these carnivals, every form of sexual perversion was practiced. Those events were just a bit more raunchy than today’s typical pride parade. The fact that these features are legal and more prevalent within certain racial communities that now export them worldwide is striking.

The world has not changed

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. – Jeremiah 13:23

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

The Canaanites obviously loved their lifestyle, they were genetically wired to be like this because of the nephilim gene in them. They could not change, and by this fruit (lifestyle) they can still be identified today.

It is amazing that we now talk about homosexuality as being genetically inherited. Is this a mere coincidence? Or are we unto something here. The predominance of this lifestyle and street orgies are among certain populations and races is also fascinating. Is this also coincidence?

I have heard people make the excuse that in other parts of the world, the residents are not free to make choices of sexuality. I really do not agree, I think our western sense of liberty is grossly overrated. Take a look at what happens to dissenting voices in our societies. You are quickly shut down and your life and career ruined. So much for liberty and free speech. Specific abominations are forced on us but we are not free to complain.

The laws that God gave the Israelites was the opposite of these things. He didn’t want His people to walk in the way of these tribes. They were genetically different so he forbade intermarriages with these Canaanite tribes.

By racially mixing together, these perversions moved from being obviously determined by the nature of the individual (his genes) to becoming an issue of nurture and upbringing. We now blame the extreme violence of some on the fact that his parents abused him or did not love him enough as a child. This is despite the fact that there are millions of other people who had a worse childhood, but turned out fine as adults.

Red haired giants of North America

Native American legends claim that white skinned red haired giants roamed the continent long before Columbus arrived. Some now speculate that these giants could have been the Vikings who had discovered the continent before Columbus. These Vikings reportedly landed in Newfoundland and lived on the continent for a few years before returning to Finland. The vikings were also said to have described conflicts with local tribes while on the continent.

Numerous books have been written about the nephilim presence in North America. There are records of giant bones and massive weapons unearthed all over the continent.

giant axes

A tourist standing beside three giant bronze axes at the Archeological Museum of Herakleion. The axes were dated to about 1700 – 1300 BC

Other Known Giants

Britain was known to be a land of giants when it was still called Albion and Stonehenge was called the giant dance because it was their sacrificial altar. The Celts were known as the mighty ones: a race of previously exiled giants that emerged from the Caucus mountains and plundered Europe. There are records of red haired cave dwelling giants in India as recently as the 1700s. Sumerian artifacts in the Berlin museum also identify a race of giants called Annakim.

Norse mythology speaks of violent Jötnar giants of Denmark said to be hostile to mankind. Giant axe heads were discovered in 2015 by a Danish farmer called Esben Arildskov. The weight of each was twice that of a usual axe head. It was therefore speculated that the men who used them must have had gigantic statures.

Giant remains ‘stolen’

In 1883, soldiers dug up a 12 feet tall skeleton in Lompock Rancho, California. Other such discoveries were reported in West Virginia (1856) and in Toledo Ohio (1895). Then, there is the published article ‘Atlantis in the Colorado River Desert’ by a Nevada state newspaper. That publication highlighted the archaeological discovery of 32 underground caves containing remains of ancient giants at the Nevada-California border.

There have been speculations that the remains of many giant finds were handed over to the Smithsonian. These remains are all reportedly stolen and never made public. It is speculated that this is to protect the Darwinian theory of evolution. We may therefore never know if the stories are true or not.

Why do we look different?

The skin color pigment; melanin

In a pure physical sense, the only factor responsible for the color of our skin, hair or eyes is melanin. We do know that the amount of melanin in our skin is determined by our genetic makeup. Melanin absorbs light and dissipates 99.9% of absorbed UV radiation. There are three types of melanin: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin. The more melanin an individual has, the darker their skin color. Dark skin people also have an extra thick Malpighian layer on their skin compared to lighter skin individuals. This layer is very rich in melanin-producing melanocytes giving better protection against UV-radiation damage. Skin bleaching often practiced by people of color is known to gradually thin out this layer of skin.


This is produced by oxidation and then polymerization of the amino acid tyrosine. It is the most common form of melanin. It consists of the brown, and the black eumelanin. Naturally, a lot of black eumelanin gives a very dark skin. However, small amounts of black pigment in the absence of any other melanin results in grey hair. Low levels of brown pigment in the absence of other melanins gives a blond hair. Low brown pigments with the red pheomelanin gives the red hair color.

Dark skin people all produce large amounts of eumelanin in their skin, hair and eyes resulting in the dark color of those organs. Caucasians have much lower amounts of eumelanin giving them features like blue, green and grey eyes as well as blonde/red hair.


This is a cysteine polymer containing red pigment. It imparts the pink to red color seen on the lips and nipples depending on the level produced. Red haired people generally have more pheomelanin than other people.

Neuromelanin and Neurodegenerative disorders

Neuromelanin is a pigment that is produced in the brain by humans and other primates. It is found on Schwann cells and on myelin sheaths on nerves. Its function is mostly unknown, but it has been shown to bind metals ions including heavy metals. Consequently, its inhibition is speculated to play a role in neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s diseases. Neuromelanin is therefore speculated to protect the brain against metallic toxins. However, it is also thought to precipitate a toxic overload from the accumulated toxins from prolonged exposure.

A study in California in 2016 did show that African Americans and Native Americans are more prone to Alzheimer’s than any other race. This was despite having lower overall rates of mental illness than all except Asians.

Vaccines and Autism

The role of vaccines containing thimerosal: a synthethic form of mercury in autism has been the subject of debate for a while now. Though a link to autism has not been proved, increases in the numbers and doses of childhood vaccines has been a cause of concern. This is particularly so since the cumulative dose of synthetic mercury now surpasses some limits set by regulatory bodies.

There was a case of the quadrupled rate of autism among Minnesota Somalis. This population had been double immunized and later diagnosed with higher rates of autism.

Data gathered in 2010 further indicated that black children were significantly more likely to suffer intellectual disability from autism compared to Hispanics and white kids.

Melanin absorbtion of low levels of mercury may be protective, but continual accumulation may pronounce toxicity due to higher concentrations and toxin overload.

Melanin-targeting biological entities

Autopsies carried out on fatal cases of valley fever revealed coccidioidomycosal absesses in the melanin rich substantia nigra of the brain. The US military reportedly found the autopsy data compelling enough to research the fungus as a prospect for biological weaponry. I can’t help but wonder who the intended target would be.

Melanin is also known to selectively absorb some pesticides. This, as in the case of mercury could result in a protective or a toxin overload situation depending on exposure time.

Melanin in the ear

Melanin is produced by melanocytes in the walls beyond the inner ear (Stria vascularis). It is found on the cochlea, vestibular organ and the endolymphatic sac. Its specific function there is unknown, but it is known to protect the ear from endotoxin hearing loss associated with gentamycin antibiotic treatment. It is speculated to protect the ear from noise induced hearing loss. This might be responsible for the higher noise tolerance by people of color.

Pineal gland

This gland was initially thought to be a vestigial (non functional) organ. During the Vietnam War, the US army realized during autopsies that about 75% of African American soldiers had functional pineal glands. Nearly 80% of Caucasians had the organ calcified by the age of 20 years.

This endocrine gland is responsible for the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for our body rhythms and coordination such as sleep.

Melatonin function

Melatonin is known to have antioxidant and melanocyte aggregating effects. It aggregates melanin into melanocytes and may result in skin color changes. Consequently, it’s also associated with protection from radiation, alleviation of cancer and anxiety reduction. It has also found use in the preventive treatment of migraine, and blood pressure regulation. Other known functions include its role in seasonal reproduction and in vivid dreaming.

Reduced melatonin is associated with coronary heart disease, epilepsy and postmenopausal osteoporosis. Reduction in old age leads to the paler skin color and insomnia in the elderly.

The center of the soul

In ancient Egypt, the pineal gland was considered to be the center of the soul or the third eye. They believed it to be the center of the human will and the spiritual heart. In ancient times, it was known as our means of communication with the Divine. It is still considered so by the esoteric world and it is one of the reasons for the images of the all-seeing eye that is flooding the world today.

Pineal gland calcification

It is a known fact that pineal gland calcification is a race dependent reality. As mentioned above, early calcification of this organ is more pronounced in the Caucasoid races than the darker race.

There are biblical passages that are speculated to refer to this calcification and God’s intention to decalcify it. This can be seen in the stony heart in Ezekiel 36:26.

A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. – Ezekiel 36:26

Remember, the pineal gland/third eye was considered to be the spiritual heart of man. This passage in Ezekiel 36 appears to say that God will decalcify the stony heart.

Modern medicine has helped us to understand nutritional and environmental factors that can increase calcification of the pineal gland. There are many articles and online research material on the subject.

On a lighter note, the melatonin role in rhythm has been associated with the music and rhythmic dances of the Negroid race.

Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups

Y-DNA is the human DNA component that is transferred down from father to son virtually unchanged for up to 15000 years or 500 generations. Scientists use the Y-DNA to track human migration patterns. Even with intermarriages between the three branches from Noah, the individual bloodlines should be traceable.

MtDNA is the maternal mitochondrial DNA that is inherited from mother to daughter. This is also commonly used to trace ancestry.

Considering that Biblical history is less than 15000 years, all the paternal lineages must still be present in the world today. Looking at this in the context of Genesis 6:4, the non-human DNA of the Nephilim may also be in the world today. If God created man from the earth just like the beasts, then the nephilim gene feature can be identified. It will be a feature that can be seen in some segments of the human race but absent in the animals (or vice versa). The physical origin of man and beast explains why we share a 98% DNA identity with Apes 88% with mice and 65% with chicken.

Hominic ancestors and Extraterrestrials?

Our discussion on race and skin color would be incomplete without taking a look at the Neanderthal DNA.

Neanderthals and Denisovans

Neanderthals were humanoid creatures speculated to have roamed earth from about 200-300 thousands years ago. They have a 99.7 % genetic similarity to modern humans.

Neanderthal bones were found all over Europe and in caves in the caucasus mountain range. Some were also found together with Denisovan bones; another humanoid creature. All modern humans belonging to the European and Asian races carry some Neanderthal DNA (average is 2.5%) in their genome. It is however conspicuously absent in sub-Saharan Africa — the only race with low or absent European genes.

Neanderthals roamed European and Canaanite territories

At first glance, we notice that Neanderthals roamed primarily Japhetic and Canaanite residential lands (see here for land divisions).

Map of Neanderthal territories

Map showing locations of numerous findings of Neanderthal fossils In Mediterranean region (Taken from


These fossils are predominantly located in Europe and Asia. The Americas do however have some presence of Ancient hominic ancestry as well.

Global inheritance of neanderthals and Denisovan DNA

A global map of Neanderthal and Denisovan ancestry (taken from

Neanderthals interbred with man

The scientific community initially thought that the Neanderthals were killed off by some unknown cause. They disappeared about 24,000 years ago at the same time modern humans arrived in Europe. Recently however, the consensus is that they interbred with modern humans. Their DNA constitutes an extra insertion into the human genome that is absent in Negros of sub-Sahara Africa.

From a scriptural point of view however, the only time when men had fresh DNA insertions was in the Genesis 6 days of the Nephilims.

Neanderthal gene affects melanin and skin color

Human skin, hair and nail are rich in the protein keratin. Genetic research has shown that the gene responsible for producing keratin is rich in Neanderthal DNA. The Neanderthal skin gene BNC2 was found in 70% of Europeans while POU2F3 was found in 66% of East Asians.

The OCA2 codes for the P-protein involved in eye, skin and hair color. The exact function of P-protein is unknown, but it is found associated with melanin secreting melanocytes. Neanderthal DNA is associated with this gene in 62% of East Asians, 29% of South Asians, 20% of Europeans and 35% of Melanesians. The Neanderthal DNA in these and other regions of the human genome result in reduced melanin. This in turn leads to paler skin, red/blonde hair and blue/green/grey eye color seen in non-African populations.

The Neanderthal gene may very well be a Nephilim gene.

The most obvious distinguishing feature of the Nephilim according to the book of Enoch is having pale skin, eye and hair color. Since the Neanderthal gene is selectively associated with this feature, it may very well be a Nephilim gene. A map of the Neanderthal gene distribution shows a concentration in the localities around the gentile and Canaanite races.

Less than 20% of the Neanderthal genome is in modern humans today. Of this 20%, most humans contain only about 2.5% Neanderthal gene in their individual genome. With the advancement of cloning techniques, the future emergence of humans with a significantly large portion of Neanderthal gene composition is foreseeable.

Helena Blavatsky philosophy

Helena Blavatsky was a Russian-American occultist and spirit medium who co-founded the theosophical society in 1875. Her published text are the basis of western esotericism that emphasized pre-christian ideas of an ancient and superior wisdom.

She claimed that ancient Atlantians were giants who built the stonehenge in England. She also believed that they mated with animals creating the gorillas and chimpanzees.

According to madam Blavatsky’s ‘The secret Doctrine’, the race produced by the intermixing of the fallen angels and humans is the Aryans.

Nephilim gene would have diluted down with each generation

The validity of the Genesis 6 account and the nephilims has often been questioned. One of the commonest arguments is why there are no giants today if the nephilim still existed after the flood. Another question often asked is how giants could reproduce with normal women.

Firstly, there still are people of amazing proportion in the world today, just look at the Guinness book of records. You see it also in Greek, Roman, British, Norse and biblical history among others (see discussions above).

Secondly, not all the descendants of the fallen angels would have been giants (Wait, what?). Doesn’t the word nephilim itself mean giant? Yes it is translated as such. But Genesis 6 makes it clear that gigantic stature was not the only feature of nephilims. They were also men of renown. I don’t believe both features necessarily had to be present to be a nephilim.

According to the book of Enoch, 200 fallen angels produced children with the daughters of men. Their children became so many that they populated the entire planet before the flood. They did not all become ‘men or renown’, so, does that mean they were not nephilims?

Regarding reproduction, the nephilims were known to be more intelligent and technologically advanced than normal men. Several scholars have concluded that artificial insemination was practiced by the nephilims. This technique is believed to have been used regularly for both human and animal crossbreeding.

Interestingly, the Neanderthals are now believed to have been more intelligent than modern man. It is speculated that they taught us metal works and how to farm. The book of Enoch however credits the watchmen with teaching these skills to man.

Nephilim physical traits could be minimal after a few generations

Based on how genetics works, the odds are that with each generation, the nephilim gene got diluted down. This is because there was fresh human DNA added into each cycle making each generation at least 50% human until there were no pure humans left. Since the watchmen (father of the first nephilim generation) were all male, they needed female humans to reproduce. A nephilim who is 50% human would marry a female who was 100% human producing offsprings that could be anywhere between 50-75% human. Imagine the small traces of fallen angel genes that would be present after seven generations. The only way to keep it constantly high is to have a continuous infusion with fresh fallen angel genes.

According to the book of Enoch, no more than 200 watchmen came to earth. This might be the reason why some bloodlines tend to intermarry almost exclusively among themselves. It might be an attempt to keep that DNA as undiluted as possible. Perhaps that is what royal blood is all about.

Not all Nephilims were physical giants

If all the nephilims were giants, Lamech would not have been scared when his son Noah was born. Enoch 105 explains that Lamech was scared of Noah’s skin, hair and eye color and intelligence at birth; not his size. Noah was not a giant (the scriptures would have said so), yet he was thought to be a son of the fallen watchmen.

Furthermore, at the time of Noah’s flood, the earth was full of the nephilims, but we are not told that everyone other than Noahs’ family was a giant. This suggests that not all the nephilims were giants in stature. What made them nephilims was the extra-terrestrial DNA in their genome.

That takes us to another controversial subject – Blood Rhesus monkey factor.

Rhesus-negative blood

The rhesus monkey antigen in blood has been debated extensively. Its origin is still unclear but it has been associated with several unique features. Among these, heat intolerance and extrasensory perception of Rh-negative people (lacking this antigen) is unquestionable. We do know that all primates have this antigen thus refuting the argument that it is extraterrestrial in origin.

Incidence of Rhesus-negative blood is higher among the Caucasoid races peaking among the Basques in the Iberian region. 15% of the world population have the Rh-negative blood with the incidence among Negros being less than 1%. Interestingly, in Africa, its incidence co-localizes with E1b1b Y-DNA haplogroup on the continent.

I may not know the origin of the rhesus-negative blood, but I do know the group of people it’s commonly associated with. The predominant majority of blue bloods aka royals of Europe are rhesus negative. These include the British, Swedish, Spanish and Netherland royals among others. A significant number of United States presidents including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are also rhesus negative. Other Western rulers also fall into this group including Germany’s Angela Merkel and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The list is just stunning. Is this incidence among world leaders a mere coincidence? Or are these renown men and women members of a special bloodline?

Considering that only 15% of the world is Rhesus negative, the group is definitely well represented among the category of ‘men of renown’.

Rh-negative blood is also well associated with the Neanderthal gene marker being more common among Caucasians of European origin or their descendants. Makes me wonder.

Some analysts do speculate that the Rh-negative blood is a nephilim marker. This conclusion is strengthened by the fact the people claiming to have been abducted and experimented on by ‘aliens/greys’  are almost exclusively Rh-negative

As it was in the days of Noah

The biblical account of Noah and the flood shows an interestingly familiar trend. Except for Noah’s house, all flesh on earth was corrupted. By corrupted the Bible meant that their DNA was polluted with that of the fallen angels (even in trace amounts).

The corruption started with 200 angels on mount Hermon (Book of Enoch) spreading to different cities and finally the whole world. This gene caused the people to further corrupt their ways until the earth was full of wickedness. The corrupted sought and destroyed the pure human race to the point of extinction. Only one family remained uncorrupted — Noah’s.

Interestingly, the more modern analogy started from the Caucasus mountain range progressing to Europe, Asia, North and South Africa, Middle East, Australia and finally the Americas.

In case you have not noticed the similarity, the regions mentioned above are the regions where the Neanderthal gene is found. It is currently making in-roads into the rest of Africa where racial mixing is now accelerating. As the Neanderthal gene spreads, so will the population ratio of pale skinned humans (Enoch 105:1-5) increase relative to that of colored people.

Blacks once inhabited the whole earth

It is no secret that the original man at creation was a black man, even science agrees with this. What is uncertain is at what point the first pale skinned person appeared on the planet. Was it the ice age? Or was it the insertion of extraterrestrial genes? Or was it Esau? There are historical accounts that support the presence of ancient blacks on all the continents. In Australia and the Americas, the European Invaders encountered dark skin residents wherever they went. Today, these populations are predominantly light skinned. Descendants of former slaves account for most of the dark skinned people on these continents.

The population of light skinned people on earth went from 0 to over 70% of humans alive today. We often talk about the large population of blacks and the dwindling one of whites. However, Africa with the bulk of black people only accounts for 14% of the world population. This figure also includes the light skinned North Africans.

Perhaps when the son of man returns, all but a few people on earth will have Neanderthal gene insertions in their genome. Then only few people of color and unmixed human DNA will remain on earth.

So what if the Neanderthal gene is a the nephilim gene?

So what if it is? Does that mean that I am eternally damned? I don’t think so. Below is a passage that might clarify this.

Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite, for he is thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land. The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the Lord in their third generation. – Deuteronomy 23:7-8

In my previous post on E1b1b as the Y-DNA haplogroup of Edom, I described how Esau’s bloodline acquired the nephilim gene through marriage with the Horite. In the Deuteronomy 23 Passage above, God agreed to accept even the Edomites into his congregation after the third generation. I am sure our generation is way beyond the third from the mount Hermon angelic invasion. That suggests to me that reconciliation is still possible even if our ancestors received the nephilim gene.

Even in the days of Noah, when all but one family carried the gene, Noah preached to them for 120 years that Judgement was coming and that men should repent. They perished not because of their gene, but because of an unrepentant heart.

The only people who could not receive forgiveness even after pleading for mercy were the original 200 watchmen.

In the book of revelation the Bible stated that the one thing that would definitely lead us to condemnation is receiving the mark of the beast. That is so, because it is a choice that we would have to make ourselves. It would be our crime, not our great grandfathers’. Nowhere in the book of revelation does the Bible say that anyone will perish because they carried traces of the nephilim gene. Rather, the uncleanness comes from drunkenness, fornication, lies, murder etc. They are all things we do, not what we inherit.

Messiah died to reconcile all

The death of the Messiah on the cross ensured that we no longer perish for the sin of our fathers (Adam, Esau or the nephilims), but we are held accountable for our own deeds and choices.

Today, the cry from the heart of God is for all men to repent and receive salvation in the death and Resurrection of Yehushua (Jesus). We are not required to edit or manipulate our gene using modern gene editing tools. All that is required of us is to repent, believe on the Messiah and turn from our wicked ways.

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11 thoughts on “Origin of Races; It’s not all black and white


This is why some Hebrew Israelites from Africa call themselves Bantu which literally means “Human” or Adam’s pure offspring.


    Hi Abital,

    Indeed they are. A knowledge of the Nephilim and the serpentine seed was common among all our ancestors. It is only since the Gentile era began that these information has been hidden from us.



      Thank you for the response Brother Judah, this was an answer to the questions i was asking to our Heavenly Father recently. Still want to know where the asian did get their eyes’ shape though. Blessings and peace upon you.


        Hi Abital,

        I do not know how or why the Asian got their eye shape. I have heard people talk about the incest of Lot in the cave (Genesis 19:30-36). That is a claim made by those who say the Chinese are the Moabites, but it is a topic I have not really studied. I do know that early historians associated those eye shapes with the Biblical Hivites though.
        Since the Most High made all things, i’m assuming that’s the way he wanted them to look so all praise to Him for the works of His hands.

        Be blessed.


Blacks were not Hebrews nor Adamites. Blacks are pre-Adamites from Genesis 1:25-27 That’s it. Man, mankind, blacks, and the races were “created vessels for destruction”. The white Adamic race is Genesis 2:7-22 human, humankind, “formed” for glory beforehand. The Bible teaches all men were not created equal. Now if any one born on the 6th day accepts Jesus as their savior, we are all one in Christ.


    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment on my blog. I am familiar with the Brit-Am doctrine that you are obviously describing.

    Firstly, there is no proof that the creator made two kinds of men. The two chapters of Genesis chronologically overlap each other. Genesis 1 and Genesis 2:1-4 was an overview of creation while chapter 2:5-25 describes the process of how the creator made his most important creation (Adam and Eve).
    If you read chapter 2 starting from verse 5, the Scriptures indicate that the period described in the following verses was a time when there was no man formed; which discredits the pre-Adamic theory. It is like when you make a presentation and tell your findings in the introduction. You then do a lengthy description of the process you adopted to achieve the results you described earlier. That is what the Scriptures is doing here. It was a more detailed description of what happened in Genesis 1:25-28.

    And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and

      there was not a man to till the ground

    .  (Gen 2:5)

    Verse 7 now proceeds to describe how he made man.

    Secondly, the Scriptures say over and over that ALL of creation was completed in 6 days and the creator rested on the 7th day (Genesis 2:3). In the pre-Adamic theory, does the Most High create man after the 7th day rest? That would make it 8th day which contradicts all of Scripture and the concept of the Sabbath day rest.

    Thirdly, the Scriptures make it clear that the Egyptians and the Hebrews were all black people. Below are some scriptural references:
    Job was a black man –

      Job 30:30

    Jeremiah was black –

      Jeremiah 8:21

    Judeans (original Jews) were black –

      Jeremiah 14:2

    Judeans were black faces –

      Lamentations 4:8

    The Egyptians depicted themselves as black – all Egyptian pictographs

    All 12 tribes of Israel were indistinguishable from Egyptians – Moses was raised as the grandson of Pharaoh, Hebrews always ran to Egypt when persecuted. Joseph and Mary took the Messiah (whom you call Jesus) and ran to Egypt to flee persecution.

    The Hebrew worked as slaves in the Egyptian sun for long hours and years without sunscreen lotion, Show me a non black person who can do that without dying from complications of burns or heat stroke.

    Finally, the book of Enoch chapter 105 indicates that all men were black except for a non-human entity. You can check that out if you want. Even science claims that all men were black until the theoretical “ice age”.

    so, unless you can show real scriptural evidence of pre-Adamic black people “created for destruction”, then I can only conclude that it is just another concept to reinforce the false white supremacy ideology.


      Sam Kariuki

      My dude!!!! Way to break it down especially through scripture.


        Hello Sam,

        I’m glad you found the article informative.



      Interesting. Thanks for eye opening.



No coincidence that EVERY ancient cultures gods were blue eyed. Blue eyed race created the brown eyed races. The rh-E1b1 mongrels have a war on the rh-r1b1/r1a1 because their hatred of the purity of their bloods. Mixing the seeds has caused psychological issues in offspring such as homosexuality and psychopathy etc. Rome and the whole lot of inbred pharistocracies aka black nobility know all about the blood and is the root of the inquisition. the ELite know they can’t cant enslave or dominate a world high in blood becaus they’d be to intelligent so a mongrelized dumbed down man is needed. Once you learn about the blood a blinder will fall from the eyes and you will understand so much more.


    Hi Jason,

    You have an interesting viewpoint.

    However, this blog only examines history in the context of Scriptural and/or scientific context. I therefore do not comment on clear racial speculations.



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