Arsareth is in Arabia, not America or Europe

November 19, 2016 - Hebrews


The migration of the ten ‘lost’ tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel has been a mysterious one. Numerous Bible scholars have at various times identified all the different races as the lost tribes. Among these, the most popular are the Aryan (Caucasian) and the Western hemisphere (Americas) camps. All groups base their conclusions on prophecy interpretation or the speculative geographical identification of Arsareth as home of the tribes. In this post, I show that the Bible identifies Arsareth to be neither in Europe or North America. An examination of the tribes migration according to 2 Esdras 13:40-46 supports only land emigration westwards through Arabia. I also highlight some features and links that indicate that the tribes still maintain their culture till this day in their new homeland.

In my previous post on the lost tribes of Israel, I focused on a passage in the Apocryphal book of Esdras that has recently been gaining popularity. Let us take another look at it to identify Arsareth.

Those are the ten tribes, which were carried away prisoners out of their own land in the time of Osea the king, whom Salmanasar the king of Assyria led away captive, and he carried them over the waters, and so came they into another land. But they took this counsel among themselves, that they would leave the multitude of the heathen, and go forth into a further country, where never mankind dwelt, that they might there keep their statutes, which they never kept in their own land. And they entered into Euphrates by the narrow places of the river. For the most High then shewed signs for them, and held still the flood, till they were passed over. For through that country there was a great way to go, namely, of a year and a half: and the same region is called Arsareth. Then dwelt they there until the latter time; and now when they shall begin to come. – 2 Esdras 13:40-46.

This dispersion is also described in Deuteronomy 29:28.

In this discussion, I will express my thoughts on the region called Arsareth and explain why I do not think it is where most think it is.

Basic steps to a new home

Firstly, I will like to highlight some basics about this journey.

  1. They were going to a new country where they had never lived before.
  2. That new country did not have established kingdoms in it.
  3. They would be free to hold true to their culture and under no compulsion to worship other gods.
  4. They had to cross Euphrates at the narrow part to get there.
  5. God showed them signs and held back the waters to lead them through, because it was far.
  6. The region they passed through is called Arsareth, the place they relocated to is not.
  7. They will remain there until the last days and remain a homogeneous people.

Let us now look at these points briefly.

A new country

The Hebrews had lived in several places already at this time. Wherever they lived, the heathen had always been problematic for their faith. So they decided to go somewhere else. That in my opinion ruled out Egypt, Mesopotamia, Lebanon and Palestine. It most likely also ruled out Turkey and Greece with whom they had extensive trade and communications since the days of Kings David and Solomon. They had to either go eastwards beyond Persia, or Westward beyond Egypt.

No Established kingdom there

Looking at a time map of the world, we notice that as at 1000BC, every continent on the planet had some  inhabitants resident at the least. This includes North America contrary to what some people believe. I think the phrase where no mankind dwelt means that there was no established society or culture there since there were nomads/hunters in most places even back then. So, a look at the established cultures might give an indication of where this land is. Let us take a look at the Middle East map before and just at about the time the tribes left Assyria.

1000 BC


Map of Middle East 1500-1000BC

About 1000 BC, just before the ten tribes were exiled into Assyria, we see several warring kingdoms fighting for supremacy in the region. To the east of Assyria are the Medes, Persians, Parthians, Aryans (spreading in India) and the emerging Chinese/Korean tribes. Northwards are the Phrygians and the Celts that already dominated in Europe prior to the rise of the Greeks. To the west is Arabia with its nomadic tribes and the already declining Egypt; the only established civilization in Africa. There were no known kingdoms west of Egypt at the time.

500 BC

Soon after the Hebrew tribes had been exiled to Assyria however, the landscape begins to change. We see the rise of the Persian Empire; which now covers most of the Middle East.


Map of Middle East 1000-500BC

India with its city-states is east of this empire, and beyond the mountains are the warring Chinese states. To the north, the Greeks are now a major force in Europe. To the west, Africa and Arabia are still predominantly made up of scattered nomads and hunters.

By merely looking at the maps, the only vacant pieces of land close by in the region appeared to be in Arabia or Africa. Central Asia seemed vacant as well, but the tribes would have to fight their way through warring tribes to get there. Northwards, Europe was already populated and war was already a regular feature of the continent. It was unlikely that a brand new population would relocate there.

Hold true to their faith and culture

The reason for seeking a new country was to be faithful to their God and true to their culture. While living in Israel with the surrounding nations, the people were regularly oppressed and forced to live the Canaanite lifestyle. In this new country, they would be free to practice circumcision and they would not be forced to accept the sexual perversions of the heathen nations. Among them, homosexuality, incest, bestiality and infanticide in the name of Molech would become taboo again. Genetically, they would not intermarry with the heathen because God forbade them to, making them genetically homogeneous.

If Europeans and Native Americans are the lost tribes, how come they do not keep even the most basic practice of the covenant; circumcision? Compare them to the so called Africans here who maintain this as well as many other Hebrew customs. Remember, the tribes left so that they could keep their customs unmolested by the rest of the world.

They crossed the Euphrates at the narrow passages

The Euphrates and the Tigris are the main rivers in Mesopotamia with the Tigris extending into Assyria. The currents were very strong but at the southern part, the river became narrower and more navigable. It is for that reason that the major Mesopotamian cities like Babylon were built in the southern end of the river. It is also at this end that the Medes and Persians crossed when they invaded Babylon.

I have come across articles that claim that the tribes crossed the Euphrates at the Northern end into Turkey.  The Hebrews in my opinion would have crossed the river near Babylon. We can also see this when Nehemiah travels from Susa (in Persia) to Jerusalem crossing the Euphrates at that point.

A look at a map of the Euphrates will further indicate that since they did not cross the Tigris, they must have been heading westward towards Arabia and not eastward into Persia. I will state as in my previous post that the tribes were already in Assyria (east of the Euphrates). Crossing the river would take them westwards.

The Most High THEN showed signs and held back the flood.

At first sight, I am tempted to think that God showed them a sign by holding back the Euphrates for the people to cross. But when I meditate on this, I realize that people had been crossing the Euphrates before without needing a miracle. If God were going to perform a miracle at the Euphrates, He wouldn’t have bothered to take them to the narrow passages.

The story in Esdras says that they crossed and the most High THEN shows a sign. This reminds me very much of the Exodus from Egypt. The Cloud and the Pillar of fire did not appear to the Hebrews until they had stepped out of Egypt and led them through the wilderness to the Red sea where God parted the waters. Here in circa 722BC, I believe that God waited for the tribes to step over the Euphrates in faith, then He was able to lead them to the flood that He held back.

I believe that flood was the very same Red sea (as in the exodus), but this time at its southern end between Arabia and the horn of Africa. We’ll see more of that later. This part of the text is talking about passing through and over the country region called Arsareth (not Euphrates).

They passed through Arsareth (Azareth) to the land.

The location of Arsareth is not clearly stated; hence numerous groups have named different places by that name over the years. The first time Arsareth appears in maps is in the 1900s maps and places it deep in Eastern Europe. The basis of this is because of a river called Siret or sereth, which the tribes were claimed to have crossed. This would place the 10 tribes in Northeast Europe close to Kazaria.

Another group claims Arsareth is America and calls the native Americans Hebrews. The problem with this theory is that the tribes passed through the Arsareth region, not live in it. If Arsareth is America, then the tribes must be living in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.

No Nation migrates its entire population by ships on an ocean

The reason I do not agree with these two main options above is that the tribes would need ships to get to America within 18 months. This is impracticable for 722 BC sea navigation and doubtful if an entire nation could survive that long on the ocean. It could take just a single sea storm to wipe out the entire bloodline. Only a very foolish leader would embark on such a dangerous journey. It’s even more ridiculous since the destination was supposedly unknown. Even if they did survive storms, they must have needed a lot of storage to feed so many people traveling for so long.

My argument against the Sereth river proponents is that there are other places whose name is closer to Asareth than Sereth is. For example, Maserath also known as Beni Jaakon (Jasher 85:3) and Hazeroth (Jasher 83:30, Numbers 11:35, 12:1, 12:16, 33:18 and Deuteronomy 1:1) are closer choices.

Hazeroth is identified as in the wilderness of Paran. See the map below. These places lie between Edom and Moab territories close to the Dead Sea and sits on the border with Palestine. Remember, Arsareth is a region through which the tribes passed, not a city and this could very well be the location.

Arsareth is Neither America nor Europe; It’s in Arabia

How can I prove this? Well, there is a very important city mentioned in the New Testament that was never mentioned in the Old; Nazareth (rings a bell?). It was the birthplace of the messiah that we read about in the New Testament. If there was any place whose name sounded like Arsareth, it would be Nazareth. But why doesn’t anyone mention this? I guess it doesn’t suit the narrative of the Hebrews in either Northern Europe or North America. Those places are in the opposite direction.

It would make sense that the tribes would cross the Euphrates and ahead of them would be the Arsareth region.

Arsareth region

Location of Nazareth in the Arsareth region

The Tribes had seen the vacant land before

Personally, a question I’ve had is this: How did the tribes know that there was a vacant lot anywhere? Was it from travelers, or had members of the tribe been there in person? If it was just rumors, I doubt any leader would take their entire people on a long dangerous migration chasing of an illusion. Odds were they had witnesses who had confirmed the existence of such uninhabited lands. From the analysis above, they knew about it because they had seen it on the way to Jericho at the previous exodus and knew it was uninhabited. We get a confirmation of this in Jeremiah 2:6; It was a land of drought, where no man passed through or dwelt. It was the region on the western border of Arabia, on their way to the promised land from Egypt.

Neither said they, Where is the Lord that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, that led us through the wilderness, through a land of deserts and of pits, through a land of drought, and of the shadow of death, through a land that no man passed through, and where no man dwelt? – Jeremiah 2:6

Perhaps, Nazareth is the signpost that God used to mark the direction His people were dispersed to. Incidentally, Nazareth comes from Nazar; which could mean separate or consecrate. Compare with Arsareth, which means another (separate?) land.

They left the heathen behind

They would leave the multitude of the heathen, and go forth into a further country

It is important to note that the Bible identifies the heathen as the gentiles. These people lived north and Northeast of Arabia. If the ten tribes had headed towards Europe, they would have been heading into the heathen lands not from it. Crossing the Euphrates in the direction of Arsareth (Nazareth) as described above would place the heathen behind them.

Most of Arabia was rough and impassable territory, so they would not have crossed through the desert. Rather than Go back into Israel, they would turn southwards putting Israel, Moab and Edom also behind them and travel parallel to the Red sea. They would travel till they reached the narrower southern end of it where God holds back the flood till they crossed over. They would have crossed from what is Yemen today into the horn of Africa (later known as Abyssinia).

I know there are those who would consider this analysis as outrageous and unrealistic. I will however request that you compare this to the Lemba tribe’s historical account of their migration from the Middle East to Yemen and then NE Africa; it is identical. The Lemba tribe is now identified as part of the ‘lost’ 10 tribes.

They will remain there till the last days

In the days of the first century historian Josephus, it was widely believed that the 10 tribes were still in exile and remained in another land in very large numbers. The location of that land was perhaps known back then, but the records vanished over time. I therefore looked at old maps to see if there were records of Hebrews anywhere outside the Middle East.

There is an 18th century map that shows the kingdom of Juda in West Africa where the transatlantic slave trade took place. I came across an even more shocking old map of Africa showing numerous Hebrew cities all over Africa and Yemen (see map below). Unfortunately, there is no dating on the map to tell when it was drawn. Based on the appearance of the Dahomey and Ashanti Empires on the map however, I will date it between 1701 and 1894.

Hebrews in Africa

Hebrew Settlements in Africa after 1701 AD (marked with diamond symbols)

The tribes passed through Arsareth into Africa

The map above in my opinion confirms the direction of the migrating ten Hebrew tribes into Africa.

Africa, it turns out is the second largest continent with 20.3% of the global land mass. It is as large as the five most populated countries China, India, continental USA, Brazil and Indonesia combined but only a third of their population. Even today (2016), with over 1.2 billion people, it is still less densely populated than any of those countries.

In this new land, the Hebrews can keep their faith and form of worship in peace (as seen in the Lemba). They can live far from the Canaanite lifestyle and abominable practices. They will remain genetically homogeneous till the end, and anyone who cares to look at them without bias will see that they all bear the mark of the Hebrew.

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30 thoughts on “Arsareth is in Arabia, not America or Europe


Very good analysis for those seeking truth and objectivity over ridiculous camp doctrines and lies from the heathens. Thanks brother.


    Thanks Azaryah, I appreciate your encouragement.


      griffin l rucker

      Is it possible that the continents were still connected at the time the lost tribes migrated and that the flood waters caused the continents to split?


        Hi Griffin,

        Many people do believe that the continents were all connected at some point. The debate has been when did they separate.
        I believe it happened in the days of Peleg (Gen 10:25) long before Israel was ever born. The name Peleg has been translated to mean earthquake or divide. So the earth was both divided physically into continents, and allotted ownership among Noah’s children at the same time.


          griffin l rucker

          Do you know which sons of noah would have migrated at that time? I also would like to get your take on the planets?


          Hi again,

          The Book of Jubilees outlines how the earth including the Americas was distributed among Noah’s children.


          I could not however tell from the passage when the migrations took place relative to Peleg’s birth/life.

          I think what we call the planets are the luminaries described in the book of Enoch. NASA has put out a lot of info about space and the planets. In my opinion, their data has too many inconsistencies for comfort. The fact that they claim to have lost data about the moon landing prevents me from taking them seriously.



          You didnt elaborate much on Josephus. I dont get the point about no more record about what he said on the 10 tribes. What he state was pretty clear. They were still beyond euphrates in his time. If they were in Arabia and went to Africa he would have said it by then


          Hi Jie,

          Can you provide references for this? Then the question remains about which Euphrates he was referring to. The one in the ‘Middle East’ today, or the one that appears on some pre-USGS maps of West Africa?



          “the ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude and not to be estimated in numbers.” (Josephus, Flavius. Antiquites. p. 11:133)

          In his preface ..“Upper Barbarians”, among whom he then names as “the Parthians … Babylonians … remotest Arabians … and those of our nation beyond Euphrates, with the Adiabeni.”

          Adiabene is that part of Assyria which, according to Strabo in his Geography, is not in Mesopotamia but which consists of the plains beyond the Tigris bordering Babylonia to the south and Armenia to the north (16.1.1, 19). Media borders Adiabene on the east.

          In other words this cant be in Arabia. For “beyond euphrates” denotes the northern part


          Thanks Jie,

          Have you considered:
          From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, [even] the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.  (Zeph 3:10)

          It directly contradicts Josephus, don’t you think. I doubt anyone disputes the location of Ethiopia, where are the rivers of Ethiopia? We cannot Exclusively base our knowledge of Scripture on historian accounts. They must agree with scriptures to be validated. The above prophecy came after the Northern kingdom had been dispersed (aka lost)

          So which is right: Scriptures or Josephus, you choose.


      s. singleton

      now where is the precept for this? line MUST be upon line. precept MUST be upon precept. not could be, should be or can be. MUST be upon pr2 Esdras 4 14-17 KJV 14
      And said, Come, let us go and make war against the sea that it may depart away before us, and that we may make us more woods.
      The floods of the sea also in like manner took counsel, and said, Come, let us go up and subdue the woods of the plain, that there also we may make us another country.
      The thought of the wood was in vain, for the fire came and consumed it.
      The thought of the floods of the sea came likewise to nought, for the sand stood up and stopped them._____the ocean calling itself a COUNTRY is the precept that goes with your precept. Through the Euphrates and onto the OCEAN is where the children of Israel went.


        Dear s. singleton.

        You make an interesting analogy. However 2 Esdras 4 (entire chapter) is describing how the wicked/corrupt afflicts the righteous. We see a snapshot of the passage’s concept in verse 4 and 23. It is about the wicked oppressing the good, how the beloved is given over to heathen nations/countries. The flood of the sea subduing the woods of the plain is speaking of the wicked overcoming the righteous. It is because of this interpretation that the scriptures state that when the enemy comes as a flood…. (Isa 59:19). That is also why Isa 57:20 compares the wicked to a troubled sea. For the same reason, 2 Esdras 4:12-15 contrasts the forest/woods/trees of the plains with the sea (wickedness vs 12) to create a distinction (war) between them and concludes with the necessity for a judge to mediate (sand in vs 17 and Spirit in Isa 59:19). It describes where the wicked heart is at. It’s got nothing to do with where the lost tribes went to.

        To understand scriptures, it is important to read every passage in the context that it’s written. If we extract individual words or phrases and apply it to unrelated concepts, we will end up interpreting scriptural passages as confirmation for practically anything we want.

        My understanding of precepts upon precepts is that to understand certain scripture, you must have understood other foundational truths from it. This new understanding now helps to clarify yet more difficult concepts in the scriptures.

        In 2 Esdras 13, I see narrow places of the river mentioned, I see no reference to OCEAN, so I cannot verify Ocean as an interpretation to the passage.


    Elijah Shiloh

    Thanks for the breakdown on the truth where this is located and where our people are today. Shalom brother!



      You are welcome.



I just want to express thanks for your thorough breakdown on Arsareth. I’ve only seen one youtube author that I am aware of that reached the same conclusion on the location of Arsareth:

Also, I recently created/curated an eBook entitled,’Negro Promised Land Found In Arabia’. I would love to get your feedback. I’m open to any criticism or additional insights in pursuit of the truth. If interested, I will need best email to send you a free access link to eBook for your review. Thx


    Hi Darryl,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, for your comment and the youtube link. I’m glad you liked reading the article.
    I have seen the video by brother Judah Israel, it is very detailed in its analysis.

    I’ll gladly read your eBook, I checked out the book page and saw the table of contents. It promises to be a very informative read. I am sending my contact to you by email.

    Be blessed



All Praises to God the Highest! Brother I stayed up all night praying and reading and studying about this. What had me stuck was 2nd Esdras 13:40 and like you all said, a light bulb went off like, there is no way 10 tribes could take a 500 day journey and be preserved. They had to have went on foot, as the Most High’s scripture clearly shows. We have to be so careful, very prayerful, and humbly ask for The Most High to lead us in the truth. These alphabet camps are going so far away from the truth and it is scary. I will keep you & Israel in my prayers, Brother, that the Most High will keep leading you & us in the truth because so many of these camps are arrogant and on a “high” that they do not see how some of their teachings are not even plausible (scientifically, mathematically, or geographically). So keep up the awesome work for our King and may HE bless you to see HIM in the kingdom. Much love, peace, and prayers to all of our scattered brothers and sisters of Israel.


    Dear Yearah,

    Thank you for your comments. I am very glad to hear that you found the article very informative. Thank you for your prayers, I covet them earnestly. May the Most High raise an edge around us all to protect us from false doctrines. I really appreciate your encouragement.



Give it up dumb ass counter intelligence!
Arabia is not Arsareth and is not the land where no man has dwelled you idiot! The apocrypha says that they entered into the Euphrates which means sailed sailed along and out of the entire so-called middle east region. We are awake throughout the earth now and are the only people that historically occupies every continent more so then any other nation. Our diaspora is the scattered and we number the sands of the sea which no man can number. Arsareth is the americas period, you idiot!



    Thanks for your comment and all the insults. Your response indicates that you have no scriptural basis for calling America Arsareth except the fact that you live there. I have shown you several scriptures to support my claim, but you have shown me none to support yours. Since you have not offered any meaningful comment nor indicated who ‘we’ or ‘our’ in your comment refers to, I can only wish you a blessed day.


My name

This is very well written and descriptive yet wrong, the word says the “entered” the Euphrates not crossed over it, Which means they travelled (sailed) down it. It took them a year and a half to get there, would the journey you’re describing take over a year, I don’t think so. Not only that how do u explain the pyramids in the Americas, same latitude and longitude as those in Egypt built to perfection with no mistakes made? How do u explain the bat creek stone in the Smithsonian from “native” tribes in Ohio with Phoenician Hebrew written on it? How do u explain the accounts of Colombus showing up to the Americas with Hebrew interpreters? Arsareth is the Americas not Arabia, the scriptures say “a land where mankind had never dwelt” not a land the Israelites had never been as u stated, please don’t lie on the Bible



    Thank you for reading my blog and for leaving a comment. I appreciate your compliment on the writing style and encourage you to read the other articles on the Hebrews on my blog. Some of those articles provide the answers to your questions.

    Firstly, I will like to state that because we have opposing opinions on scripture does not make me a liar. I have writen as I understood the scriptures. You are of course free to disagree on my interpretations.

    Having cleared that issue, I will address your points individually Using the passage in 2 Esdras 13:40-46 as reference.

    1). They “entered” the Euphrates not crossed over it, Which means they travelled (sailed) down it.
    The scriptures did not mention sailing. Furthermore, if they were sailing through the Euphrates, they would not need to go to the narrow places. The wider parts would be best for sailing unless you want to ground your ship. Also, had they been sailing, the Most High would not need to “held still the flood, TILL THEY WERE PASSED OVER”. So, the word does say passed over which to me translates to crossed over it. That sounds to me like he parted a sea for them to cross on foot, it doesn’t sound like they needed a ship.
    The first time this was done in the Bible, they were crossing the red sea on foot. So I think it falls within reason to believe they could also be crossing a sea by foot this time too.
    The passage also indicated that they passed “through that country, ….there was a way to go”. As far as I am aware, the Ocean has never been described as a country in the Bible.
    Lastly, according to the Bible, the Israelites were not known for their great shipbuilding, that was the domain of the Canaanites. Even king Solomon hired the king of Tyre to ferry timber from Lebanon for building the Temple in 1 Kings 5. So anyone who thinks the Israelites built many ships to transport their entire population to an unknown destination is assuming a lot.

    2). Would the journey you’re describing take over a year, I don’t think so.
    Actually, if they were walking as I described, a year and a half will take them only as far as the West coast of Africa. I elaborated extensively on this issue in my article on the not so lost tribes of Israel ( To do this calculation, I used the example of people who walked for the Muslim hadj in Mecca. There is also documentation of Muslims from West Africa in the last few centuries who took similar times to reach Mecca on pilgrimage by foot.

    3). How do you explain the pyramids in the Americas, same latitude and longitude as those in Egypt built to perfection with no mistakes made?
    Have you considered the possibility that it was built by the Egyptians or other Hamites? After all, there many pyramids all over the Americas, Africa as well as Asia, It doesn’t make all those people Israelites does it? Also, it is worthwhile to note that numerous Egyptian artifacts were found in what is now known as the Egyptian Tunnel City in the Grand Canyon. Some Historians have even confirmed that the Egyptians as well as the ancient Mali Empire visited and traded with the American natives long before Columbus arrived.
    Regarding pyramid alignments, there is a lot we do not know, but many pyramids have an amazing alignment to the ones in Egypt. See this video here ( There are many interpretations that can be drawn from this depending on who you ask.

    4). How do you explain the bat creek stone in the Smithsonian from “native” tribes in Ohio with Phoenician Hebrew written on it?
    As I mentioned above, there are even more Egyptian artifacts that were found in America and nobody is calling the American natives Egyptians. There are also Viking artifacts found on the continent, so why are the natives not called Vikings?
    Regarding the Phoenician Hebrew language, why do some people prefer to infer the natives by the Hebrew and not the Phoenician part of the language? Afterall, it is Phoenician Hebrew for a reason. The Canaanites and the Israelites traded and communicated for centuries before the exile. Some Bible researchers do claim that both spoke related languages; which would explain the dual Phoenician Hebrew writing. It is like the current Ashkenazis who speak a Germanic Hebrew language commonly referred to as Yiddish.
    Let us not forget that the North American territory was given to the children of Ham in the days of Noah (according to the book of Jubilees). Some believe that the American natives are related to the Lapps who are Canaanites. For the land divisions by Noah, see my article here (

    5). How do you explain the accounts of Columbus showing up to the Americas with Hebrew interpreters?
    This is mere speculation, we do not know why he brought Jewish crew members on board. They could be seeking wealth and fame like Columbus himself, of they could be part financiers of the voyage (along with Isabel and Ferdinand). Let us not forget that based on his birth records and writings, Columbus himself is also speculated to be Jewish.

    6). The scriptures say “a land where mankind had never dwelt” not a land the Israelites had never been as you stated.
    I don’t think that is what I said, I quoted the Israelites own description of a region in Jeremiah 2:6 “….and where no man dwelt”. This shows that the Israelites knew such a place and how to get there. That is why they knew how long it would take. If no one had ever been to Arsareth, how could they have known the trips duration? I also showed maps that indicated that America in 722 BC also had established empires, so it wasn’t deserted entirely like some claim.

    I hope these answers your questions on the article.


Yashar bahn Aphrayim

This is astonishing work! Bless you ahkhi you are a blessing, please keep up the amazing work, it is a ministry of Truth. I will continue to pray for you loved one. I thank The Holy One blessed be he, for your ministry, It has brought such light, clarity and joy to my heart. In all my years of studying this topic, I have never encountered one such as yourself, keep walking in your anointing beloved.


Yashar’al & Yahudah


    Hi Yashar’al & Yahudah,

    Thank you for your encouragement and prayers. I appreciate the time you took to leave a comment and happy that the article blessed you.
    The Most High has begun a major awakening among His children. I am only trying to spread the net and deliver His message to the house of Jacob.

    Please feel free to share this article and others on the blog with your friends and family.



Thank you for the insight. Before I had read your blog, I had already believed that this was the migration path based on what I’ve read on the Lemba and the Igbo. Thank you!


    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I am glad you found the article informative. Please feel free to read through our other articles on the subject of Hebrews and Israelites.


Rev Morgan Siazemba Sichalwe

Great piece of work, am so blessed with this information. No doubt then ten tribes came to Africa. The story of the lembas is in agreement with what you have written. Tonga people of Zambia has a similar movement.


    Dear Rev Morgan,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I am glad you were blessed by the information.

    I have never looked at the Tonga people of Zambia, but I have come across research that ties Zambia and moZAMBIque to the Zambis of Judah/Benjamin (1 Esdras 9:34). Both countries also have high concentrations of E1b1a.


Ben Yasharahla

Do you believe the Igbo of west Africa are Israelites? I have heard that 25-75% of so called Negroes are of Igbo descent. I have noticed that most Igbos do not look like the native Hamites but more like us. I have also learned that they are supposed to have been around since before 2500 B.C. which would make them older than Abraham, and much to ancient to be from any Israelite tribe(Israel or Judah). Do you have any ideas about this?

Here’s the link that says this:


    Hi Ben,

    I do not know a lot about the history of the Igbo people, but I am aware that they do claim they are Israelites. I do not know about the accounts of being in Africa since 2500BC but it is worth noting that there were some Bantu hunters and gatherers scattered in West Africa, but no major kingdoms at that time. The major populations that did inhabit the region of Africa at the time were the Cushites and Nilo-Saharan people who are genetically different from the Igbo people.

    I doubt that the Igbos constitute 25-75% of the Negro population. They are barely 30% of Nigeria, a country that is itself estimated to comprise up to 25% of all Negoes.

    A few other facts that I do know:

    An estimated 14.6% of transatlantic slaves were taken from the Bight of Biafra (today’s Igboland).

    Most of these ended up in the British Caribbean including Jamaica. The majority of the slaves that went to the USA were predominantly from Sierra Leone, Senegambia, and the Gold Coast. There were of course some from Biafra and other West, central and Southern African tribes too.

    Many Israelites do not like discussing about genetics. However, The Igbos have a majority E1b1a Y_DNA haplogroup that also occurs in significantly high numbers among the African American population. This would imply a common paternal ancestry between the two groups.

    When I consider all these facts, yes, I do believe the Igbos as a group are Israelites.



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