Woke At Last: The Journeys of an Israelite

October 3, 2017 - Quotes

T’was once I moved from land to land,

In search of a home I knew not where I’d find,

A place of rest, security and peace,

Where my heart would find some calm at last.



Though you stood by me all through my night,

Your voice did comfort me at times so soft,

Your words assured me my path ahead was right,

For rest my heart shall someday find.



When my strength doth fail from my daily toils,

And my mind is heavy with the weight of this life,

I see the hate, strife, death and blood,

The darkness around drowns my heart in despair.



T’was so till the day you held me so,

You shrugged me firmly and said “son wake up”,

T’is here you’ve been waiting for me all along,

For T’was not the peace, but I that was lost.



Now it all makes sense, every word you’ve said,

I knew I was blessed, just never knew how much,

When I found myself, my heart found rest,

I’m an Israelite and chosen, the apple of your eyes.



At last my heart, despair it shuns,

Your word in my heart, new hope, the day I woke,

It’s quiet and still, as a sit at your feet,

And rest I’ve found, your peace for all times

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