So far, yet near; dwelling in His secret place

December 17, 2017 - Quotes

The heat without, so scorching and burning

Noisy streets a dinging, ears pierced by ringing

Loud market dealings, traders bartering and selling

All flurry, all chaos, so near yet far


The clutter within, so distracting and disturbing

Thoughts running amok, from the previous day’s work

Smothering flames still glowing, as the day is breaking

In His secret place, in His shade I lay


A silent breeze, an evening calm

Birds chirping away, trees whispering again

Their tales relayed, hushed voices arrayed

So far yet near, in His cleft, in my den


The heat, the noise, the flurry, the thoughts

The birds, the trees, all near, yet far

For in His Shade I lay

‘Tis the secret place of the Most High


When we dwell in His secret place, His shadow will cover us

One thought on “So far, yet near; dwelling in His secret place

Olukayode Tiiye

The Secret Place of the Most High is where Olodumare is building me into His ODU for this moment.


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