Our season returns, we are a son not forgotten

May 30, 2018 - Our time, Quotes, Today


When flowers blossom with the break of spring

Bright petals full of color in bloom

Their fragrance fills the air with scent so sweet

We celebrate the morning ‘tis the season of birthing


We hail the sun for the warmth it brings,

The harvest is plenty and the belly is full

The wolf and the lamb rest, for there’s plenty for all

The summer is here, ‘Tis the season of joy


The trees do wail, bright leaves a falling

The cubs do rave, lean days are coming

Mother do hurry, for the night is coming

‘Tis the evening for toiling for the fall is here


When icy chills bore so deep within the bones

When the ground so squeals from such weighty snow

And the hunters retreat from so much a gloom

We mourn the night , for the winter is come


Though life may cease, our joy desist,

The evening is harsh, the night so long

Our seasons are gone, one thing stands sure

They’ll all return bringing new joy and hope


Though the yoke be heavy and opressions so weary

When all men taunting and our lives so fleeting

Fear not YisraYah, You’re a son not forgotten

Your redeemer returns, ’tis  the season for burning

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