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Yorubas; the lost ancient Hebrew Israelites
Summary The story of the ten lost tribes of Israel is legendary among Bible scholars. Their whereabouts and identity is so shrouded in mystery that every [...]
Fear; A Natural Progression from Sin
As a shepherd boy, David walked into the army camp and heard Goliath railing against God and the nation Israel challenging them to combat. He was astounded [...]
O paradise splendor
As I lift my gaze, to distant fields I look I behold the flowers in season bloom And the birds all singing from trees a tune With kids skipping from hill [...]
The Potter’s Clay
One November night, a certain young Muslim laid on his bed in a hostel on the University campus. He could not sleep because he was being haunted by words [...]
The Living
The sun rises, slowly at one end A new light creeping across the horizon The moon follows suit, rising at the other A fading light, dim in the dark night   [...]
My Home i’ll Build
The night is gone, and day is come. The waste is turned, the land restored. Now death is gone, new hope is born. And trees all rise, their arms held high. [...]
A Light in the Dark
In Chaos and devastation, Painful terrors when all are bowed. In sorrow and darkness, Chained dungeons where all are bound. In silence, death whispers, [...]
Secrets Of The Heart
The secrets of the heart, great men have sought, From mountains to valleys, his search all but vain. The secret he seeks can none attain, But that freely [...]
Ashkenazim is not Hebrew
Summary The identity of the people known worldwide as Jews is an interesting one. In this post, I use the Apocryphal books and the Bible to illustrate that [...]
Hebrew Israelites Could Only Go To Africa
Welcome to today’s study. I am glad that you have stayed with this blog up till this point. After my last posting ‘There are no Caucasian Hebrews’, certain [...]