Bible Series

Blood speaks, and the Most High has not forgotten the Israelites
Summary The thought or mention of blood elucidates different reactions in different people. To some, it is a sacred life giver while to others, it is but [...]
Raging river of life, deal us death no more
The branches do sway to so silent a tune Their leaves do wither through so much a gloom Yet not to the wind, but to the deep they dance A river of life, [...]
Origin of Races; It’s not all black and white
Summary This article is a study on the Genesis  account of the creation of man in the light of the various races in the world. The origin of races examines [...]
Lucifer’s plant; The tree of knowledge in Eden
The story of Adam and Eve at the tree of knowledge of good and evil is arguably the most popular Bible story of all. It explains the origin of man and sin [...]
God the Biologist; The Genesis of Science
Religion is a topic that has fascinated millions around the word for generations. In every religion, we worship God either as a deity or as a concept. Most [...]
All Families, Eternal Life
  And I will bless THEM that bless thee, and curse HIM that curseth thee: and in thee shall ALL FAMILIES of the earth be blessed. – Genesis 12:3 There [...]
One Covenant, One Nation, All Families
Looking through all the similarities I highlighted in the old versus the new restoration, one question screams more loudly than others: why? Why would God [...]
The Old Versus The New Restoration
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Miracles of the Season, Food, and Life
In Genesis, we see how God sets the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens to dictate the seasons. In Mark 4:37-41, we find Christ and His disciples in a ship [...]
Immersion at Jordan
And it came to pass in those days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan. And straightway coming up out of the [...]