Our season returns, we are a son not forgotten
  When flowers blossom with the break of spring Bright petals full of color in bloom Their fragrance fills the air with scent so sweet We celebrate [...]
So far, yet near; dwelling in His secret place
The heat without, so scorching and burning Noisy streets a dinging, ears pierced by ringing Loud market dealings, traders bartering and selling All flurry, [...]
I will lay me down, for I know my trouble shall pass
When a gale doth wail and the day turns night When the heavens dry up and the sun doth char I will lay in my field, for I know they’ll pass   When the [...]
Woke At Last: The Journeys of an Israelite
T’was once I moved from land to land, In search of a home I knew not where I’d find, A place of rest, security and peace, Where my heart would find some [...]
His name is an immovable wall around me
So straight and tall the wall did stand As strong as rock can be Though whistle the gust and wailing raindrops Its feet can no one find   Though riders [...]
O paradise splendor
As I lift my gaze, to distant fields I look I behold the flowers in season bloom And the birds all singing from trees a tune With kids skipping from hill [...]
The Living
The sun rises, slowly at one end A new light creeping across the horizon The moon follows suit, rising at the other A fading light, dim in the dark night   [...]
My Home i’ll Build
The night is gone, and day is come. The waste is turned, the land restored. Now death is gone, new hope is born. And trees all rise, their arms held high. [...]
A Light in the Dark
In Chaos and devastation, Painful terrors when all are bowed. In sorrow and darkness, Chained dungeons where all are bound. In silence, death whispers, [...]
Secrets Of The Heart
The secrets of the heart, great men have sought, From mountains to valleys, his search all but vain. The secret he seeks can none attain, But that freely [...]